Sverre H. Huseby - CV


Name  Sverre H. Huseby
Born  1968-05-29
Degree  Cand. Scient. (comparable to MSc)
Family  Married to Hanne, two kids.
Address  Lindealleen 18 A, N-0487 Oslo, Norway
Phone  +47 901 63 579


Full Time

Zenior AS

Oslo from September 2006. Senior consultant in this small, but well reputed consulting company, which was founded by some of my former colleagues in 2001.

Working with: Java, JSPx, Spring MVC, SOAP, SAML, Jetty (designing stand-alone server), Apache, Maven 2/3 (including writing a plug-in), Subversion, Git, Eclipse, Various 3rd party security products (found vulnerabilities in all of them).

Clients: Nets (BBS) September 2006 - June 2007, Telenor June 2007 - now.

Heimdall Net Defense

Oslo from January 2001 to September 2006. My very own one-man company, selling courses and consulting services in software security. As of 2006-11-07, 55 courses have been given to 753 participants. I've also given 29 speeches for about 1250 listeners. Both courses and speaches have been given in English as well as in Norwegian.


Lysaker from November 1997 to January 2001. Java-programming, mostly server side Web (Java Servlets, JDBC, SQL, EJB) on GNU/Linux and MS Windows.

Owner of "Process Security" since September 2000.

See Testimonial (in Norwegian).


(Center for Information Technology Services, Univ. of Oslo) Oslo from January to October 1997. Programming, particularly video conference software (H.261, TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, multicast). C and C++ on Irix and MS Windows.

Part Time / Free lance


Oslo since 2002. Backend system for keeping track of course attendants, and web based course registration with Nets/BBS integration for payments. PHP, Java Servlets, Apache Web Server, PostgreSQL database.

Designed and implemented a brand new programming language, Basus, that is used for teaching programming to youth.

Ifi, UiO

(Department of Informatics, Univ. of Oslo) Oslo 1991-1996. Seven semesters as a teacher assistant in courses in C and assembly programming (IN140), and in operating systems (IN142). Member of "is", a group of people maintaining programs on the Unix computers at the department. 180 hours of "web design" for a course in digital image compression (IN383). CGI-scripts, Perl.

Fysiologisk inst, UiO

(Department of Physiology, Univ. of Oslo) Oslo 1992-1995. Created a program for statistical analysis of research data. MS-DOS, Windows, Unix, C/C++. Approx. 700 hours.

Bø Trykk

(Bø Print-shop) Bø/Oslo autumn 1991. 120 hours developing a C++ program that converts maps to Postscript for printing.


(YMCA-YWCA) Sandefjord/Larvik periodically 1988-1991. Created a C program for handling people attending to camps.


Larvik 1986-1989. Taught Pascal programming, did Pascal programming, aided students, and built computers.




University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, 1989-1997. Master degree in Information Technology. Thesis: "Video on the World Wide Web".

University of Oslo, Department of Teacher Education and School Development, spring 1996. First half of the Teacher Education Program.


Shodan (1st level black belt) 2011, Tani-Ha Shito-Ryu (Kofukan).



Sun Certified Java 1.1 Programmer, December 1997.



John Wiley & Sons

The book "Innocent Code: A Security Wake-up Call for Web Programmers", December 2003. The book was translated to German in 2004, and Czech in 2006.


Article February 1st 2001. "Internet Hygiene: Securing Your Windows PC". (Securityportal no longer exists.)

PC World Norge

Article in no. 2, 2001. "Personlig Internet-hygiene".


Article in no. 49, 2002. "Client Side Trojans, eller: Hvordan stjele penger ved å sende en mail".


Article in no. 47, 2001. "Websikkerhet: Mer enn brannmur og kryptering".


Article in no. 4, 2001. "Uforutsett krysning gir ny kunstig livsform".


Article in no. 58, 2000. "Så enkelt er det å lage et sikkerhetshull".




I've been an invited speaker at the following conferences/seminars: